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EU Community will launch the beta version of its first, free service EurActory on 29 January at the European Parliament. But first, we explain the idea one ‘frequently asked question’ at a time. FAQ1 – What is EurActory for? In an earlier post, I discussed EU Community’s first application in development: EurActory. EurActory is tailored… » read more

Posted by Laurens Cerulus

Žiga Turk, professor and blogger on innovation, sustainability and technology, published a blogpost on Sunday concerning efforts in South-East Europe to open up public data sources. If you offer the data, aggregated by public administrations anyhow, developers and innovators will come in and build applications on top of it, Turk writes. Turk is a member… » read more

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What tech can do for policy

On Wednesday (19 November), EU Community joined a meetup at the European Comission which gathered different projects working within the ‘Global Systems Science’ cluster. To make a long explanation short: these are projects looking into using ICT tools and computation to figure out what is happening in policy making. They build tools to calculate the… » read more

Posted by Laurens Cerulus

At a workshop in Brussels, EU experts gave their thoughts on making information on EU affairs more accessible and making the policy process more efficient. “The main opportunity that has arrised in the last years is the digitalisation of the information. […] All the information available is online and therefore you can access it –… » read more

Posted by Laurens Cerulus