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EU Community is developing several tools to identify relevant experts and key documents in the EU legislative process. EURACTORY – Identifies the relevant experts EurActory identifies relevant experts and key stakeholders on EU policy-making. EurActory’s beta version was presented at the European Parliament on 29 January 2015. More than 150 invitees confirmed their interest in… » read more

Posted by Maxime Sattonnay

Yesterday was crunch time for EurActory, EU Community’s first tool to identify relevant EU experts. EurActiv, partner in the project, held an event at the European Parliament dubbed #Media4EU. Suddenly, we found ourselves surrounding by 150+ potential users, eager to take a peek at the platform. MEPs like Siegfried Muresan and Brando Benifei. Former EU… » read more

Posted by Laurens Cerulus

What tech can do for policy

On Wednesday (19 November), EU Community joined a meetup at the European Comission which gathered different projects working within the ‘Global Systems Science’ cluster. To make a long explanation short: these are projects looking into using ICT tools and computation to figure out what is happening in policy making. They build tools to calculate the… » read more

Posted by Laurens Cerulus