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Do you work on EU policy and are looking for a tool to help you keep track of most policy processes? The EU Community project is pleased to invite you to test the beta version of our latest tool called PolicyLine during a user workshop taking place at EurActiv’s offices in Brussels this Thursday 14… » read more

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  Who is the most influential on EU Energy Efficiency policy? The second #EurActory40 ranking of The top 40 policy experts with influence in EU Energy Efficiency policy was unveiled at a roundtable debate titled: “Energy efficiency, 2016: The year of delivery?”. Download the full ‘#EurActory40 – #EnergyEfficiency’ list (PDF) A video provides a summary… » read more

Posted by Maxime Sattonnay

The #EurActory40Energy list features 150 of the most influential experts in Energy Union. This list was created with the support of an innovative tool called EurActory, the directory of EU policy experts. The invited participants were able to discover and enrich the #EurActory40Energy “long list” of top policy experts with influence on EU Energy Union… » read more

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