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EU Community is developing several tools to identify relevant experts and key documents in the EU legislative process.

EURACTORY – Identifies the relevant experts

EurActory identifies relevant experts and key stakeholders on EU policy-making.

EurActory’s beta version was presented at the European Parliament on 29 January 2015. More than 150 invitees confirmed their interest in the tool and its potential to make EU law-making more transparent and more efficient.

EurActory is now up and running and counts several hundred active expert profiles, including:

  • Policy topics of expertise claimed by the experts,
  • Integrated content from social media accounts such as Twitter and Linkedin,
  • Combined with EurActiv articles and Google results about the expert.

A new functionality will soon be added to EurActory allowing the evaluation of those claimed expertise. This ranking will help users identify the relevant experts in different policy topics.

EurActory can be access on


POLICYLINE – Visualise the key documents

The development of Policyline has started a few weeks ago. This tool will allow users to better understand policy processes, connect documents and follow their development. The first policy process will be released before the COP21 conference in Paris with a focus on the Energy Efficiency Targets. Further policy processes will follow including Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Future of EU.


Energy Union, clarify the Energy Efficiency Targets debate

Pilot Expert: Jason Anderson, WWF

Energy Union has a particular focus on the ‘Next climate and energy package’. Energy Union is often referred to as the ‘2030 package’. The Energy Union pilot will partner with numerous relevant EU Policy Stakeholders for more efficient and transparent policy-making at EU level.

That will include:

  • WWF represented by Jason Anderson who accepted to lead that pilot project.
  • Civil society groups, who are currently working together on Climate and Energy issues, notably the Green 10,
  • National members of those civil society groups to connect with the member states,
  • And the Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Europe’s largest coalition working on climate and energy issues, with over 120 member organisations in 30 European countries.

They will be able to comment and share intelligence, documents and multimedia content in relation to the 2020 goals and the 2030 package. They will also present their information to policy makers through a module called PolicyOptions and during EU Community-enabled stakeholder workshops.


PolicyLine will also be piloted on:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship, coordinated by Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF)
  • Future of EU, coordinated by Laetitia Veriter, Project and Communications officer at the European Movement International (EMI)



EU Community is an initiative of EurActiv, coordinated by Intrasoft and executed by a consortium of eight leading research and ICT organisations across EU member states.

The project is funded by the European Commission’s DG for communications networks, content & technology (DG CONNECT). It won a Call for Proposals under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7).

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