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EU Community was presented to an audience of investigative journalists during the DataHarvest2015 organised by the Journalism Fund in Brussels last Friday 8 May 2015.

David Mekkaoui presented EurActory and Policyline to an audience of investigative journalists during a conference focused on data journalism.

The attendants shown a particular interest in the fact that both platforms are Open Source and asked questions about the features that can support investigative journalists in their daily work. In their opinion, the platforms should be open source so that they can be reused at local or national level.

About Policyline, a special emphasis was made by investigative journalists that would like to be able to work on the data and not have everything made for them. Also, when some important documents are not made public, Policyline should show the missing elements in the policy processes. This feature would be useful for investigative journalists to spot the documents that they should be looking for.


For more information about the DataHarvest2015 click here.



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