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“Don’t ask what you can do for data”…

People gathering at the News Impact Summit Brussels on Tuesday (24 February) were wondering what new tools and approaches exist to innovate in today’s EU affairs media landscape.

EU Community was invited to present their approach: how can data work to our benefit, increasing our day-to-day understanding of EU policy-making?

EU Community is building applications on top of the EU’s open data sources and all kinds of other data flying around, we told the audience: “It’s combining data analytics with crowdsourcing tools and user input, to make sense of the day-to-day EU affairs process.”

A lot of people working in EU affairs – whether they’re a journalist, lobbyist, politician or citizen – still get lost in the big pile of data and information.

The EU institutions, hacktivists, transparency activists and many others have helped to open up EU data over the past years. The datasets are out there: here, here, here or here.

This data has the potential to change the public debate on the European Union, making it more evidence-based, accurate, relevant and efficient. It can contain answers to the questions policy-makers are asking themselves, EU professionals are putting on the table and European society as a whole is looking to solve.

EU Community is working to pioneer this field. We aim to develop the tools that will allow EU experts to connect the dots.

Perhaps it can inspire answers – and new questions – for the next News Impact Summit?


You can have a look at the Twitter conversation that happened during the event, here.

The event’s agenda is to be found here.

We’ll follow up soon with more information and links to the conference’s presentations and ideas.

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