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We launched EurActory – in beta. The launch event was a success, as you micht have read in our overview of the event, here. Or you might have read on Twitter, here.

Here’s what the project’s protagonists say about EurActory:

David Mekkaoui, Director of Fondation EurActiv, said: “EurActory unlocks the information on EU experts, stakeholders and officials. Soon, we’ll be able to rank the experts, combining data analysis with input from the community itself.”

Antonis Ramfos, Delivery Director of Research & Innovation at INTRASOFT International SA, said: “Euractory demonstrates in a very effective way how innovative use of modern ICT can contribute in the enhancement of our professional life in a more democratic, open, and transparent society.”

Karl Cox, Global Vice President for Public Affairs at Oracle, said: “There is an abundance of information on EU policy, and a wide range of voices participating in debates on a number of issues. EurActory will help EU professionals make a distinction among different actors and identify those who are most relevant and influential in the policy making process.”

And Isabelle Durant, former Vice President of the European Parliament and member of EU Community’s Advisory Council, said: “The European decision making process is very complex. So it’s important to know who is who, who matters, who has influence. EurActory serves as a tool for journalists, citizens and stakeholders to understand the European policy process.”


* This and more in our press release *


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