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What tech can do for policy

On Wednesday (19 November), EU Community joined a meetup at the European Comission which gathered different projects working within the ‘Global Systems Science’ cluster.

To make a long explanation short: these are projects looking into using ICT tools and computation to figure out what is happening in policy making. They build tools to calculate the impact of policy decisions.

Let’s say, for example, that the EU heads of state decided to cut energy use by 30% – or even 40% – by 2020, instead of the 27% agreed recently. What would it mean for our energy market? Which energy resources should EU policy makers focus on? Would citizens and stakeholders agree?

EU Community, as part of the cluster, is working on an application that will guide the top-level discussions on such questions. What are the experts saying? Which documents truly matter in defining the right policy options? Or when can we expect a decision?

ICT is coming to the aid of policy makers, and we’re on the cutting edge of this development.

Have a look at the projects here.

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