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Making EU policy more efficient. That is the goal with which EU Community was launched, about one year ago.

The project is built on the understanding that EU policy making is changing. More and more people engage with EU decision makers. More and more information is available.

This should help us better understand the EU’s day-to-day law making… but has it done this, so far?

Policy makers and EU professionals are swamped with information. The challenge, today, is not so much finding information to support certain policies, but finding the right information to base better policy-making on.

The EU Community team has been working hard, behind the scenes, to create a number of tools that will shed light on what really matters.

We are now close to launching the beta version of our first application: EurActory.

EurActory is our application that focuses on ‘people’. It tells you who the most relevant EU experts are, and what you need to know about them.

It scans the growing amount of information about people involved in EU policy making. It analyses the information to understand EU professionals’ reputation and fields of expertise. You can browse experts by policy area or dive into profile pages.

It will act as a rich database, containing all the essential information about the people making, influencing and studying EU policy making. But there is more…

Machines can’t have it all. Your input, as a person working on EU affairs, is key. Who do you think is a ‘must-follow’ person on climate & energy policy? Or who is, in your experience, the best speaker for a conference about innovation & entrepreneurship in the EU?

As more and more EU experts get involved, they will benefit from your input and you’ll benefit from theirs. EurActory will open up EU policy making to the combined expertise of those studying, lobbying or making it.

The goal? Working together towards more efficient EU policy. And saving you time.

Any thoughts?

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