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EurActiv’s informal polls indicate 2/3 EU policy stakeholders are not satisfied with current policy-making tools.

They agree that social media have increased transparency (VoteWatch, Webcasting, surveys…) but not yet accessibility and efficiency. They expect EU Community to focus on relevant policy topics, make working life more productive and connect sub-communities in an active European public sphere. The project is seen as having the potential to close the democratic deficit that the existing EU Institutions face.

Considering those expectations, I think back at the quote Robert Madelin, Director-General at DG Connect, posted on closed group discussing early stages:

“My priority: reinventing government beyond the somewhat sterile ‘better regulation’ debates: using new media AND cutting-edge decision-support tools to create better sets of options, rather than endlessly creating new tools to weigh and balance options that are themselves defined in 19th century ways…too narrowly to solve problems in the new world of interdependent systems, and too much within the elites to get any buy-in at delivery.”


  • What is your view on the current EU policy-making processes?
  • Is it as open, transparent and efficient as you would hope?
  • What kind of tools, mechanisms and solutions would help you?


EU Community aims to lay the foundations for a new era in EU policy-making by providing tools that help identify credible stakeholders and relevant documents.

That is your opportunity to help us… help you!
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